Ms. Nomer included in Pulp, Paper, Pages

The Alberta Craft Council is mounting an exhibition which will run from April 14 to July 7, 2012. My woodcut artist group BAS of “The Compl( )ments” produced a book called “Ms. Nomer” which was accepted into the show. We won an award: “PB & J Bookarts Studio Award of Merit” which apparently means we will be given a Nipping Press and some tools. The exhibition will go to Calgary in the summer of 2013.

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Text for Ms. Nomer by BAS

1) Ms. Nomer provides harmonious twitters and tweets to the symphonic bass line.

2) Ms. Nomer tolerates quills if they make beautiful dots.

3) Ms. Nomer formulates a justification for frequent monetary expenditure.

4) Ms. Nomer moons over feathers when they come in the shape of wings.

5) Ms. Nomer promotes crustacean authority when accompanied by wealth.

6) Ms. Nomer encourages understanding through roleplay.

7) Ms. Nomer dances in the moonlight with Mr. Bird and Mr. Brain.

8) Ms. Nomer detests copycat cliché when it involves Pegasus.

9) Ms. Nomer waits in the wings.

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