Hardcopy: Edmonton’s Artist Book and Zine Fair – June 8 and 9th, 2013

I am busy making some editions of my new Zine called “Art Free Zone” and some printable versions of one-of-a-kind books I made in the past. I plan to take quite a few of my limited edition artist books as well as some new fun, inexpensive items. I’m really looking forward to this event which will be at Latitude 53 Gallery in Edmonton. Already it appears to have lots of energy and I expect to see some interesting work. Here’s what my Art Free Zone Zine #1 looks like in its pre-cut and pre-folded state.


About slnorquay

Artist who is interested in writing and pictures.
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4 Responses to Hardcopy: Edmonton’s Artist Book and Zine Fair – June 8 and 9th, 2013

  1. Victor Allison says:

    Sara … I was cleaning a bookshelf yesterday and came across Beyond Exceptional Pass. I googled your name and found this site. You must be the Sara Norquay I remember from the 423 Beaver Street house that you shared with Barb, Bob, and me–Victor. (How could there be another Sara Norquay?).

    • slnorquay says:

      Hi Victor,
      You’re right. C’est moi. I have returned to live in Alberta after many years living in California and Toronto. It’s nice to find the threads of the past can still be picked up. Shellana, Bob’s eldest daughter came to visit me in June. Sara

      • Victor says:

        I’ve been in Phoenix since ’86.
        I’m in touch with Barb who was serendipitously in Phoenix over the Christmas holiday and attended my –dare I say– 60th birthday party.
        I hope you are well.
        Remember me to bob when you get the chance

      • slnorquay says:

        60 is the new 40. Apparently. My 93 year old mother says she can’t possibly have a 60 year old daughter. Happy belated birthday. I’ll let Bob know we had this exchange. He is about to retire and has a thought he might sail his boat down to Mexico. His health is a concern but I hope he does it as it’s been a lifelong dream.

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