Copper drypoint on woodcut: a workshop with Ellen Heck

I spent three fabulous days printing a copper drypoint on woodcut prints. Ellen Heck was an excellent instructor: enthusiastic, nonjudgmental and fun. I learned at least three techniques I didn’t know before and will now use all the time. I was also happy to be working alongside some of my very best friends. For my image, I chose a photo of my son, Owen, when he was 3 years old visiting the Santa Barbara county fair. I printed the image in slightly different colours, changing the calf in two versions to bright blue.

wb6owens WBowencalf01 WBowencalf02

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2 Responses to Copper drypoint on woodcut: a workshop with Ellen Heck

  1. Kathy Molina says:

    You were so lucky to be able to be in Ellen Hecks workshop I live in hawaii and just found out too late unfortunately about it–would love to know how she transfered the woodblock drawing onto the copper plate –also if she used watercolor inks to print I have so many questions but just figuring out transfer process would really help –thans for writting about your experience at workshop love prints of your son kathy

    • slnorquay says:

      Thanks, Kathy, for your kind words. The process Ellen taught was to make the copper dry point first, transferring our picture using the grid method. We then printed the drypoint on damp paper and immediately printed the wet paper print onto the woodblock. Registration was set up ahead of time. Having the dry point drawing on the woodblock told us exactly where to cut the woodblock so the shapes would line up later on the print. Once the woodblock was cut we printed it, let it dry, resoaked the paper and printed the dry point on top of the colored print. It is a very nice technique.

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