Books 2016 – 2021

I have been moved and bothered by what I read online on a daily basis. This has led to thinking about making books as a way to respond. In 2015 I made Normandy Memorial in response to my experience in Normandy and seeing the beaches where the Allies landed to liberate France. In 2016, I made Dispossessed,  a book responding to the refugee crisis, and Travelogues, a comment on the triviality of the bucket list and the whirlwind tourist who sees strange places but does not experience the discomfort of culture shock.

2016    Dispossessed

2016      Travelogues

This book is two texts bound in a dos-à-dos structure. The QR codes and figures were printed on a single piece of paper with an Epson printer. The books were then folded and cut into accordion structures before various scenes were painted in the borders with watercolour. The book can be read with an app on a device or the old fashioned way on the printed bookmark glued into the last page (see slide 3 and 4).


2016        Your Exquisite Corpse/votre cadavre exquis

This letterpress printed book was made for a Parisian exhibition celebrating the Day of the Dead. It is an alphabet book with the men’s names in English and the women’s names in French. The text is in both languages and is a close but not exact translation. The pages, divided in thirds can be turned to make 24 x 24 x 24 different sentences.

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