Mouffetard’s Week

Mouffetard’s Week was published as a postcard book: hand-bound in a folder type binding with two tiny booklets of introduction and commentary. It retails for $30. Please contact us if you want a copy.

It’s a story about Mouffetard who discovers some old letters that change his life. It was written by myself and David Townsend as a kind of creative game, a collaborative creative adventure. The story is 20 sentences long and was written without advance discussion of storyline or any later revision. Some sentences were changed slightly along the way but not once another sentence had been given. Each artist wrote ten lines alternating one sentence at a time. Each of us then interpreted the text in our own way using ink, watercolour, gouache, collaged papers and mixed media.

webMWAUGclosed01 webMWAUGclosed02 webMWAUGopen03 webMWAUGopen05 webMWAUGspread01

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