Book Collaborations

I have worked collaboratively on several books.

From 2012 to 2015, Kristin Meller who lives in Paris, France, and I created a book that became two books. Initially, Kristin wrote the brother’s words (in blue) and I wrote the sister’s words (in yellow), the line work is Kristin’s dry point and the shapes are my linocuts. Eventually, she wrote more words and bound the book in a slightly different order than I did. Here is my version.

In 2011, I worked collaboratively with two other printmakers, Andrea Itzeck and Brenda Malkinson. We made two books, each called “Ms. Nomer,” the first of which was included in The Alberta Craft Council exhibition titled, “Pulp Paper, Pages” and won a prize. This exhibition also showed at the airport Edmonton, Calgary, and in Wonju, South Korea at a paper festival there.

Ms. Nomer #1

And Ms Nomer #2

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