SNAP Print Exchange, 2015

Just finished my submission to the SNAP membership print exchange. As I have been doing portraits, I thought I might as well do a self-portrait. It's called "My Selfie Self."  

Inspired in Australia

I spent three weeks in Australia taking in the landscape, flora, fauna, urban culture, art, food, people. Came home stuffed to the gills with ideas, new viewpoints, an enlarged notion of human history.┬áHere are some small sketches I made there in response.    

Etching Lessons in Paris

I spent two days in Kristin Meller and Raoul Velasco's atelier (L'Association pour l'Estampe et l'Art Populaire) learning etching techniques. I made four small plates. These are photos of the proofs.  

Art of the Book 5, 2014

This was the last of the Art of the Book exhibitions in Ventura, California that I participated in. I showed five books: So Sorry, Buried Memories, The Swan Brother and His Sister, and the two Ms. Nomers. Here are a few photos taken at the opening. It was great to watch people picking up the... Continue Reading →

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