Norquay Studio Press Books

I’ve been making books for over fifteen years. Early books were often one-of-a-kind using a variety of media. More recently I have been producing small edition printed books and stitched felt books. Content is always of main concern to me, though I have an abiding interest in structure as well.

Cups of Countenance, photocopied book of drawings

Painted Books, photocopied and painted with gouache
Leap B 4 U Look, painted collage, coptic stitch
A Story, painted and collaged papers

Cadence Difficult, ink and coloured pencil
Making a Book With David, photopolymer etching
Sometimes All It Takes is a Word, painted paper
Stages, felt book

A Graphic Novel About Sand, relief print, one sheet
Back 4 7, felt book
Getting Together, relief print, one sheet

Send Word, altered book, collage
Standoff, paste paper cut outs
Above,Below,Between,Beside, relief print
Night Garden, stitched recycled prints
Verb Book, painted fabric

Pictures of Me by Other People, photopolymer etchings

Making Peace, felt book

PomePoem, felt book
Surprise, pop-up printed and painted

Ms. Nomer #1, woodcuts
And so it begins, photopolymer etchings
The Four Seasons of Canada, woodcuts
Impropriety, woodcuts
Button Rhetoric, felt book
Ms. Nomer #2, woodcuts

Buried Memories, photopolymer plates
So Sorry, photopolymer plates
The Swan Brother and His Sister, collaboration, dry point and relief images with photopolymer relief text

Later that Day, photopolymer etchings and paper cutouts
At the Scene of, photopolymer etchings and ink drawing

Can’t Live Without You/Je rêve d’une vie avec toi, copper etchings, text in photopolymer
Normandy Memorial, felt book

Travelogues: Fifteen Superlative Days, dos-a-dos book, digital print with watercolour
Your Exquisite Corpse, letterpress printed book in French and English

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