This portrait series is called “Citizen of the World.” My original goal was to make a portrait of everyone I know, but now that I have made over 200 portraits I think perhaps it should come to an end it before I have made absolutely everyone’s portrait.

The idea developed from linocut portraits (6 x 6 inches) I made of people I met in a community project (“Making Our Mark,” a SKILLS/SNAP collaboration) in spring of 2014. Since then I have photographed many friends, family, and briefly met acquaintances.

My participating rule is that I must have a conversation with the person and take a photo they approve of. Then I use this photo to make the portrait. In exchange for participation, each person gets a hand-pulled print of their portrait. Below are some examples of portraits in the project.


14 Responses to Portraits

  1. Anuish says:

    I love this series Sara! Your portraits are very interesting!

  2. Esther Ewing says:

    Can I sign myself up for a portrait?

  3. Sara Norquay says:

    Yes, Esther. You are on my list as is everyone I know. I will photograph you next time I see you. Your mother’s portrait is about to be printed.

  4. Love these Sara. I haven’t visited this in a while. Wow! A lot of beautiful work!!

  5. Louise S. says:

    This is amazing! You and I have shared more than just a conversation or an email! We go way back…. Please take my picture next time we meet!

  6. Judy Nilsen says:

    Next trip to Santa Barbara bring your camera!

  7. Dug says:

    Gorgeous series amiga! As always beautifully crafted with a love of the medium and subject.

  8. Nance Cole says:

    Wow! What a series…….I am so impressed!

  9. slnorquay says:

    Thank you, Nance. Next time I’m in SB I’ll see if you want to be included.

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