Since 2006, Felt Books and Objects

In 2021, I made three large stitched felt hangings for an exhibition called “Kitsch” at the Alberta Craft Council. Trapper Bingo sold.


My ongoing series of stitched felt books with beads and buttons.

2017     When Words Fail, an Alberta Craft Council Spotlight Exhibition in November, included some of my books above as well as cylinders on felt turntables and standing book forms on the theme of conversation and books, all made of stitched felt.

I like the tactile feel of felt, buttons, beads and thread. I like the bright colours. I like the activity of cutting and stitching. Some of these pieces were made on trips – on trains, planes, and in hotels. They are conversations that run through my head when I am staring out a window, conversations I wished I’d had, conversations I have overheard, conversations I have revised in the recollection of them. Here they are in coloured shapes, buttons, beads, and thread stitches.

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