Artist Words

Print Artist.
Image Maker.
Image Collector.
Miner of the inner life.
Mediocre poser.
Unrepentant doer.

I am interested in the unexpected: the relationships between shapes or images that surprise me; that conjure something not seen before. I work intuitively from a picture in my mind’s eye or from a visual reference or text. Colour and shape can be major subjects but I tend to explore a specific idea for each body of work.


3 Responses to Artist Words

  1. Louise S. Lacasse says:

    Hi Sara! I was looking for you because I am transiting through Los Angeles in a little more than a week and I had a day to kill so I thought I’d have a cup of coffee with you… but I’m afraid you live in Edmonton now….. How are you doing Sara? I love your work!

  2. Barbara Johnston says:

    Sara- Congratulations on a great website and RABBIT! It looks just fabulous and your work is amazing!!!!!

    • slnorquay says:

      Thank you, Barb. I hope you will participate in RABBIT, as your work sets the bar high for anyone wanting to make beautiful books.

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