2021, Coat Stories Project

Everyone can relate to a coat as it is the one piece of clothing we wear in public. It has many purposes and meanings. We wear it for protection from the weather and as a way of indicating  our social position, wealth, personal aesthetics and to which group(s) we do or do not belong.

This body of work still in progress was inspired by a beautiful orange coat I saw in Paris in 2015. It was much too expensive for me to buy and would not have served me well in Edmonton, despite the politics of the moment. It would have drawn too much attention to me, and it was not warm enough to be a winter coat and too warm to be a summer coat, those being the two most prominent seasons in Alberta. So why did I love this orange coat? It exuded confidence, it refused to be ignored, it was warm, inclusive, and a little rebellious.

I started to think about my own history of wearing coats in different places in the world. Sometimes my coats go unnoticed, other times they draw admiration or even criticism. 

A coat expresses the human body and its accompanying emotional, social, and political thought. This project is an exploration of what a coat can mean.

I made a sketchbook called Coat Tales for the Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project that contains 9 short stories and a poem that I wrote and illustrated with Linocuts and drawing. Here is a YouTube video of me reading the stories while I turn the pages. https://youtu.be/p9SEQDUIAeY


Quilted wall pieces.


These pieces are all stitched and printed on commercial felt. The first two are twice as big as the third one.


This body of work is stitched and printed shibori dyed cloth.

These small pieces have all sold.

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